Bringing proven diabetes prevention to all 84 million Americans at risk

At First Mile Care, we’re building the nation’s first affordable, scalable, and sustainable platform to improve the lives of people who have prediabetes.

First Mile Launch

First Mile Care leverages the power and convenience of today’s on-demand economy to improve the lives of people with chronic conditions like prediabetes. We are building an affordable, scalable, and sustainable platform that helps people combat prediabetes in the communities where they live, providing them with the tools and ongoing human support they need to live better, healthier lives.

Our goal is to cut in half the number of people in the U.S. with prediabetes by 2028. How? By scaling a proven diabetes prevention program developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). We are committed to creating a nationwide network of certified First Mile Coaches in the vast majority of the U.S.’s 42,000 ZIP codes: local heroes trained to help their fellow community members make the right decisions on a daily basis so they can gain control of their health and reverse prediabetes.

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“Fighting chronic disease requires starting with a scalable approach. First Mile Care will establish a network of certified coaches in the vast majority of America’s 42,000 ZIP codes, enabling people to meet where they live and make better lifestyle choices.”

— Karl Ronn, FOUNDER and CEO

First Mile Approach

Based on the proven National Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) method being developed by the CDC, First Mile Care’s program fosters community-based, peer-to-peer connections that provide people with the guidance they need in the settings where they make their lifestyle choices. In the first 6 months of our program, participants meet with a First Mile Coach for one hour per week for 16 weeks. For the next 6 months, participants meet with their coach monthly. The coach helps the program participant make small changes that will create the healthy habits that prevent diabetes for life.


First Mile Coaches

First Mile Coaches have the requisite skills thanks to an affordable online training program that was developed in collaboration with a leading university. First Mile Coaches will be from the neighborhood in which they’ll work, so they are well aware of the challenges that individual populations face. It is this unique combination of skill and local knowledge that makes a crucial difference.


First Mile Success

Chronic disease is something that happens slowly over time. The health care system was designed for short-term health problems — the things a single intervention by a physician can fix, like a broken arm. To avoid chronic disease, people must do small things every day, creating a compound effect. It’s the small things we do habitually that make the difference in preventing diabetes. Most people aren’t aware that their daily choices can make such a big difference — and that’s where the coaching comes in. First Mile coaches make people aware of their choices and help them create a personal plan to incorporate beneficial changes into their daily lives.


Americans diagnosed as living with prediabetes in 2018


ZIP codes, the vast majority to be served by First Mile coaches


reduction in Type 2 diabetes by the DPP plan (compared to placebo)