Your Partner in Diabetes Prevention

Become a Partner

We take the work off of your plate. We work closely with your practice to make First Mile Care as convenient as possible. Our coaches are hired locally to lead the DPP sessions and create cohorts who live in the same communities. The programs are available within about 10 minutes of your patients’ home and at a range of times to fit various schedules.

Proven Results

Prediabetes is reversible with proven lifestyle intervention. A clinical trial of adults with prediabetes proved that a coaching-based diabetes prevention program, or DPP, reduced the risk of progression to diabetes by 58 percent over three years compared with placebo. Among adults 60 years and older, the risk reduction was 71 percent.

Our Mission

We’re working to cut prediabetes in half over the next decade. DPP works, but hasn’t scaled. Working in partnership with the American Medical Association and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, First Mile Care is committed to expanding the availability of coaching programs and giving people access to tools they need to live better, healthier lives.

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