About First Mile Care


Flipping the paradigm

When the tech world looks at challenges, we tend to talk about the problem of the "last mile." We are flipping the paradigm by solving the "first mile" problem – with people first, supported by technology. The fact is that people live most of their lives within the first mile of their homes – grocery shopping, dining out, engaging with the community, exercising, etc. We named our company First Mile Care because we help people create healthier lifestyles where they live.


A new approach to preventing chronic conditions is long overdue. By reframing the issue from a ‘health care problem’ to a ‘personal care opportunity,’ First Mile Care is addressing the shortcomings of a system designed for acute care delivery. The AMA is excited by this scalable, on-demand approach to engaging the community, peers, physicians, and technologists to transform chronic care in the United States.
— Dr. James L. Madara, CEO of the American Medical Association


Working to scale DPP

First Mile Care is a Silicon Valley-based preventative chronic care company developing affordable, scalable, and sustainable solutions to reverse health conditions like prediabetes. The First Mile platform enables personalized support and guidance at the community level, giving people access to the coaching, tools, and resources they need to live better, healthier lives. By combining a unique “first mile” approach with population-level insights gleaned from trusted U.S. institutions like the American Medical Association (AMA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), First Mile Care has the orientation and knowledge base needed to significantly reduce chronic disease in the U.S.

Fighting chronic disease requires starting with a scalable approach. We must build solutions that are both affordable and accessible to everyone in the United States. First Mile Care will establish a network of certified coaches — called First Mile Coaches — in the vast majority of the 42,000 U.S. ZIP codes, enabling coaches to meet people where they live and help them make better lifestyle choices.
— Karl P. Ronn, Founder and CEO, First Mile Care